Call on the Chancellor to #BuildBetterMentalHealth

Email the Treasury to ask that mental health gets a fair share in the Comprehensive  Spending Review

Please take a moment to complete the email below, which calls on the Chancellor to invest in improving mental health services in the Comprehensive Spending Review this Autumn. Full details are available in RCPsych’s report Next Steps for Funding Mental Healthcare in England

These emails are even more influential if you take the time to quickly edit them to give your own personal perspective. This could include:

  • Your experience of mental health services in your area, or the experiences of family or friends
  • Why you are passionate about better mental health care
  • Any examples of mental health facilities you have seen. These could be good examples showing what can be done with investment in mental health care or bad examples showing why we need more investment.
Would you be happy for RCPsych to get in contact with you in relation to this letter?

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